I write articles for clients, particularly on educational themes. Here are some examples of my work:

Indiana School vouchers: an explainer

I am very familiar with SEO and social media strategies, and my articles are written taking these principles into account. I can work with your existing strategy, or assist you to develop your new strategy.

Jenny Weight
Program Manager and English consultant
I’m a program manager and academic at an Australian University.

I’m a teacher and researcher in the field of networked media with a particular interest in interactive, participatory and online forms of documentary. I have also engaged as an artist, writer, editor and producer of programmed and networked texts.

My new project is mayor, a graphic novel set in thirteenth century Spain: http://geniwate.com/?p=5880

I recently started a freelance business called Virtually English. I’m a content strategist and producer (across all forms of web media and SEO), I teach English as a foreign language, and I do academic editing for uni students and academics.