Medieval noir (Mayor graphic novel, s1, p89)

Medieval noir

The future is a dark place, the past even darker, and the present, which is always so completely out of control, perhaps the darkest of them all. So I need to invent a visual style which I’m calling medieval noir.

Arguably a show like Vikings is already there – but for me it’s not. Noir is more about the threat than the actual violence. It’s a liminal, almost uncanny feeling. To resolve it with violence is a cop out – or at most, it’s the penultimate scene in the plot. Threats and intrigue must be met with cleverness and patience.

Maybe there’s a computer game that pulls it off?

Medieval noir should be all weird angles in stone cities, but it also must be weird threatening countryside, because back in the day you couldn’t really escape the great outdoors. I need a noir-ish approach to the great outdoors. Not easy.

I’m about to start revising all my images to consolidate the visual style. I want to incorporate more actual medieval stylistic elements, and give the thing a noir-ish gloss.

In Arabic, ‘noir’ is نوير, pronounced something like ‘malmeron’.

Next week there will not be more. I will be busy revising the first draft, making my ebook, then on to series 2. / More information

These images are the first draft of the upcoming release of Mayor: the case of the theftless thief, series 1 of the Mayor series. Check out the Mayor playlist on Spotify.

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