Mayor is a graphic novel based in thirteenth century Spain, a period dominated by the political and military Reconquista of southern Spain (Al-Andalus) from the Moors.

Mayor is infused with elements of fantasy, although the main characters – Mayor Guillén de Guzmán and Alphonzo X ‘El Sabio’ (the wise), King of Castille and Leon, are historical figures, and the main events of their lives are accurately represented (as far as is known).

This was an interesting historical period in Spain, characterised by a melting pot of cultural influence and tensions, a fluid approach to religion in which Catholicism was infused with occult elements, and near constant war – either cold or hot – against the Moors and between various noble factions within Spanish Christendom.

The project also reflects on the unusual position one woman, Mayor, attained in thirteenth century Spain – a period not well known for gender equality.

Mayor is published and distributed using social media. As a research project, I am using various social media to experiment with ways of gaining audience and audience retention. As each series is completed it will be published for kindle.

Series 1 of Mayor should be completed in early 2017.

You can subscribe to Mayor through various social channels, including Twitter (@geniwate), Facebook ( Pinterest and Instagram.

It will also appear on my blog, starting here. Please note, my blog was recently hacked, and I have not yet recovered all the content.