Kohl (Mayor graphic novel, s1, p69)


The kohl is only skin deep, and anyone looking too closely at these two street urchins would soon discover just how shallow is their diguise, given the children’s clean nails, relatively good nutrition and decent teeth.

Alphonso’s blond hair (from manuscript images it seems he really was blond) probably made him almost as much of stand-out in Toledo’s streets as Mayor’s russet mop does.

Kohl has been in use as a cosmetic from 3000 BC. Apparently the Prophet Mohammed used it. Definitely not out of place in Toledo, with its three cultures (Islamic, Jewish and Christian).

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These images are the first draft of the upcoming release of Mayor: the case of the theftless thief, series 1 of the Mayor series. Check out the Mayor playlist on Spotify. Check out the Mayor playlist on Spotify.

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