Ambush (Mayor graphic novel, s1, p55)


Ambush is a perfect opportunity to show your skill with a bow and arrow. The mountainous terrain of Spain, which makes it one of the most mountainous countries in the world, would have made it the venue for many small skirmishes such as this. Fixed battles between large standing armies were actually very rare.

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Jenny Weight
English consultant and graphic novelist
Since leaving the higher education sector I’ve been focussed on thinking about education more holistically – I’m particularly interested in the interface between education and media, but I want to understand better how we can bring our traditional educational institutions to embrace the possibilities that the network and media are opening up. We need to reinvent education to suit the nature of our working lives, and our need to engage in routine lifelong learning. I use my research and writing skills to explore these issues. I consult on education issues and assist postgraduate students with their theses.

As an artist, my new project is Mayor, a graphic novel set in thirteenth century Spain. You can find out more about these activities in my blog: