Who Is Annie? (2016)

Unrated | 1min | Docu-Drama





Annie can be anybody, anywhere, at any time. It could be happening right under your nose. A friend, a mother, a sister or a neighbour could be suffering near you.
It's about time you knew. Domestic violence is real. Find out who Annie is.


Priyankar Ray


Annette Omondi



Major Production Deadlines



Location scouting and pre-production

2nd September


18th September

Post-Production: Video and Sound Editing

1st October

Final Delivery

5th October


Social Media Strategy

YouTube, Vimeo, Vine and Instagram are the best Social Media with video specific templates and audiences that we will use to get our video ‘Who Is Annie?’ out there.
The main objective of our strategy is to increase audience engagement though trans-media story telling that uses the short-film as a focal point.

Our catchy hashtag #whoisannie will be used to promote it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using captivating and informational photos and video snippets. Other hashtags we will use to promote the film will be #YouOKSis and #EndDomesticViolence.

We will reach out to domestic violence victim advocacy groups on Facebook, especially ones that reflect the cultural geography of the film and request the use of their timelines
to further the message. This helps create networks that add value and encourages conversation on the intended issue using the film as a focal point. Some groups we hope to contact include:

The Red Heart Campaign (Brisbane, Australia)

World Wide Woman

Domestic Violence Against Men

Audience and Demographic

Our target audience are men and women between the ages of 20-40 who are in relationships and could be experiencing various forms of abuse in silence.

When we considered audiences outside this age range, we realized that that the levels of spousal domestic abuse was less in comparison .