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MortalCultural Kitchen (2016)

| TV show, Comedy
For the first time on television, one show will bring you the violence of a box match, the competition of a cooking show and the authenticity of a multicultural program serving it all up with a generous side of humor.

Production Manager:



With a team of expert media buffs, RMIT Universities behavioural Scientist were looking for a solution to battle the world’s huge overpopulation epidemic, which, they discovered was the root cause in the decrease in human cooperation, through bad mood within crowded spaces. Both the Media team and the scientists decided that the wisest choice for their culling was to create a comedy show, in the hope of lifting the moods of the rest of humanity. This is where MortalCultural Kitchen was borne.


MortalCultural Kitchen is a parody cooking show where contestants of different nationalities will literally fight to death. The show stands out among other cooking shows for its fatal twist - the eliminated contestants will lose everything, and above all, their life. To save their life, each week the contestants will match their skills in a head-to-head challenge where they have to cook, for the first time, a signature dish of the nationality of the jury.

Each episode is 20 to 25 minutes featuring one recipe. At the beginning of each episode, our charismatic host, Doughnut Hey will reveal the dish of the jury’s country and then a chef of that nationality will show the contestant how to make his/her signature dish. They will be given only brief instruction before cooking. They need to have nerves made of steel to deal with cooking under pressure, and no room for any mistake. At the end of an episode these experts will decide whose meal tasted best like home. The looser will be dragged out the kitchen.

The MortalCultural Kitchen is the show for fearless people who love cooking more than their lives. It is the combination of funny and ridiculousness and mouthwatering dishes from different cultures. Never ever before the death was so tasty.


Promotional Strategy

To maximise various functions of different social media platforms, we will not just simply syndicate content across these platforms (granted it is important to widespread key content such as episode highlight, and showing key content on different social media can potentially create a wider audience reach), but also customise content according to each platform’s unique character.

  • Facebook - Create a page, post humorous and suspenseful content between episodes, keep audiences hooked to the show. Live broadcasts behind-the-scene production on Facebook page. Post regularly ingredient list and instructions for each of the recipes featured on the show to Facebook page.
  • Facebook, as a versatile social media platform it is, we can post almost any form of content that we want. Therefore, the only limitation for Facebook posts should be the tone of writing, make sure that it is consistently funny or suspenseful. This will help create an online persona for the show, provide audiences with something they can identify the show with.

  • Twitter – Twitter will be used for live updates and news for MortalCultural Kitchen. Using polls to engage with audiences, for instance inviting audiences to predict winner of each episode before the show.
  • Twitter has rather limited functions comparing to Facebook, but we should utilise its unique simplicity. Twitter polls are easy for users to participate, and are usually harmlessly entertaining.

  • Tumblr - Create an online forum for audiences to discuss the show.
  • Tumblr is a good place for online forums, our viewers can express their very personal feelings towards the show here, and in the process forming a community on Tumblr.

Matching with the multicultural theme of the show, we will also engage social media platforms that are used in specific cultures (eg. Wechat for Chinese, KaKao Talks for Korean and for Russian). Apart from social media, we will also use interactive games to engage with our audiences, activities include having them vote for recipes and choose participants and judges.

Audience Demographic

As the show contains dark humour, age restriction is 12 years and over. But in general, MortalCultural Kitchen targets a wide variety of ages with no specific gender nor nationality. Anyone who looks for a good laugh, the mad intensity of competition style reality TV, or simply enjoys watching food being made.

Major Production Deadlines

Proposal due on 5th Sept.
Principle Photography - wrap by mid-Sept.
Post-production - from mid-Sept. to mid-Oct.
Final work due on 17th Oct.

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