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new graphic art, plus some imposters

Ex-student Esther Werdiger is doing some lovely graphic art, posting it via Instagram.

If you’re in to iPhone photography, here’s some lovely beach pics.

Unseen shadows, a huge independent publishing initiative from Barry Nugent, and a good example of what an independent can achieve in the networked, transmedia environment. Great use of social media to publicise it, freebies to get you hooked, then stuff to buy.

The art of Laurie Lipton, apparently all pencil. [I like to think she doesn't have to actually erase much?]

And now for something slightly different.

It’s not graphic art, but sculpture: Dream – Spontaneous combustion (2008) by sculptor Olaf Brzeski.

6 gorgeous fetish objets that I want, paper-style

1. Nobrow – Everything We Miss by Luke Pearson
2. Root rot
3. Pebble Island by John McNaught (gotta love Nobrow Press)
4. Alternate Histories, Historical Art Prints Featuring Monsters by Matthew Buchholz
5. Forming Vol. 1 by Jesse Moynihan.
6. The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. Not a link to the book, but to a piece by Michael Chabon (you don’t need me to tell you how to get the book).
At what point in lonely adolescence do we consign picture books to the goodwill bin? whenever it happens, its a very sad day. I guess I never did, entirely. or maybe I had too many serious books, and now I’m trying to catch up.
But we all know how serious comics can be.
Its a really wonderful development that we now have so many adult graphic novels. I hope the same will happen to animation which still, at least in the mainstream, reeks of tame moralising. Technology surely has a role to play in the stories that get told – its become possible to service niche markets, like those for adult themed graphic art. Meanwhile, even classic print comics are now available digitally.
But when its beautiful graphic art, I want to have it and hold it. Keep it up, Nobrow.