What’s Trending @Twitter

infographic about Twitter use by Lab42
Reproduced with permission by Lab42.
Lab42 has done a little survey of What’s Trending @Twitter with a great infographic. I can’t believe how many people use Twitter once or more per day – I myself am a-several-times-a-week type, and i’m trying to make Monday Social Media Day, or I’ll be swamped. What’s even more amazing is the high numbers of people using Twitter via Twitter.com, which, in my opinion, is the most clunky way of doing it. I read Tweetds via Flipboard on the ipad. As for posting tweets, I haven’t got a great way. AM currently using shorturls when I’m using the laptop, and the twitter app on the iphone.

Mapping tweets about Hurricane Irene by Eric Fischer. Green dots represent tweets about the earthquake and gray dots represent non-related tweets.

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