Crowdfunding tips

From Nathaniel Hansen:

“Story is everything. Let me back up. Your story is everything. People aren’t so much getting behind the idea as they are getting behind your passion to produce it – be it a book, film, album, live event, business, it makes no difference.

Interesting news that the crowdfunding phenomenon might be going off the boil, because there are too many people seeking a handout masquerading as a project.

Jenny Weight
English consultant
I’m a teacher and researcher in the field of networked media with a particular interest in interactive, participatory and online forms of documentary. I have also engaged as an artist, writer, editor and producer of programmed and networked texts. I direct a post-graduate program at RMIT, the Master of Media. I recently started working freelance as an English Consultant – I teach English as a foreign language, do editing and copy editing, social media production and article ghost writing.

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