What’s in a name?

What's in a name?
The other day a baby boy was born. Two days later, he was named George. Not a terribly exciting name, except that this baby, because of his parents, was already plugged into a whole range of social, cultural, traditional and ultimately highly privileged contexts, and this one word, George, managed to summarise them all. For ...

done and dusted

done and dusted
My documentary, Cyclists versus Motorists, has gone live. As usual, I never thought it would take so long. My problem with projects is that I can’t stand doing what I know how to do. I have to try something new. Well, the new thing was the focus on video — I’m not really a video ...

have you been cultivating your “Personal Micro-Culture”?

have you been cultivating your
Core to any creative person, according to William Gibson, is one of these babies, see William Gibson on Cultivating a “Personal Micro-Culture”. Just wish it wasn’t so easy to get distracted…. Tweet

To broadcast or narrowcast on social networks?

To broadcast or narrowcast on social networks?
What do you want from your network? Marketing or intimate? keeping in touch with acquaintances, or broadcasting to strangers? Do you have a specific interest group, or are you engaging more broadly? Maybe you need different networks for different you’s. Or maybe you can have one network then filter it for different you’s, like Google ...

Tweet tweet?

Tweet tweet?
A word map of my tweets (not that I tweet that much, read on) generated by the Tweet Topic Explorer by Jeff Clark. Twitter has 100M active members… But dig down a bit, and we find that half of Twitter accounts are inactive. Some words of warning for those new to Twitter, or those hoping ...

Shut up little man

Shut up little man – an audio misadventure from Closer Productions on Vimeo. A doco about a community. Community is anywhere, you just have to recognise it. Tweet

Either people are using social media more and more or less and less

According to new data from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, Half of U.S. Adults Use Social Networking Sites – and climbing. 61% of under-30’s use FB on a daily basis,  which has 750 million users worldwide and recently surpassed 1 trillion pageviews in a single month. The trend is plotted on a graph here. However, according to Gartner, ...

your writing voice

Oh, I do get a bit tired of everything coming in ‘three steps’ or ‘five ways’. Its. so. neat. However, its great to have neat things! Easy peesy! For example, 3 Steps to Finding Your True Writing Voice from Copyblogger. Not saying it isn’t true. Or important. You’ll be happier after you do it. Tweet

changing my identity, the cloud way

Recently I decided to renovate myself. I’ve dumped my old blog, my old email, my old contact list and my old calendar. In one way or another, these things were all supplied by my job at RMIT University. Now I’m freelance (at least in attitude), and I’m radically on the cloud. A lot of it ...

tight jeans or baggy trousers?

the aggressive rollerblading community goes for tight stretch jeans (see Nisa Halim’s doco), while the Melbourne Shufflers like it loose (see Mei’s doco). Seem to me, either way would work for either community, but they’ve got their look and they stick tightly to it, as both doco makers point out. Both are great examples of ...

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